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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
X86 Assembly Noob
Java Forgot most of it
C uber noob
C++ epic noob
PHP Haha.

Me, Myself and huh?[edit]

About moi[edit]

I'm from Australia. Nothin' much else to say really...


I've been programming on and off since I was 16 in various languages. I believe I started out doing DOS BASIC in high school which turned into a primer for VB(*Shivers*) then jumped into perl and such for a few years. At about 18 or so I moved onto Assembly, MASM being the first ASM syntax I learned. Then learned C but, My interest peeked in Assembly after reading the source code to Miss Lexotan 6mg by Vecna, MetaPHOR by The Mental Driller and allot of work by z0mbie. After that, Assembly became my main language and it still is to this day. :]

Why I'm here[edit]

Not even I know that. I can't even really remember how I found RC. :S

Currently into[edit]

At the moment, I'm deeply obsessed with NASM and Linux in specific.