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User:Arto Bendiken

From Rosetta Code
Languages I know
Language Proficiency
Trith Author
Scheme Expert
Ruby Expert
PHP Expert
JavaScript Advanced
Forth Advanced
Lisp Advanced
Java Advanced
C Advanced
UNIX Shell Advanced
Python Proficient
Scala Intermediate
Factor Intermediate
Common Lisp Intermediate
Erlang Intermediate
Haskell Intermediate
C++ Intermediate
X86 Assembly Intermediate
Smalltalk Intermediate
AWK Intermediate
Perl Novice
Emacs Lisp Novice
OCaml Beginner
Standard ML Beginner
Prolog Beginner
Lua Beginner
Io Beginner
Objective-C Beginner
Mathematica Beginner
Pascal Rusty

I'm Arto Bendiken. I've been programming for 15+ years, these days mostly with Ruby, Scheme, and Trith, the language I'm designing.