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From Rosetta Code

I have been programming since the early 70s on a wide-variety of operating systems. Here are the languages that I've written major pieces of software for, on the associated environments:

  • Univac 1100 Assembly, APL, Basic, Cobol, Lisp, PLUS and Snobol on Univac 1100 Series mainframes.
  • PDP-11 Assembly on DEC PDP-11 minicomputers
  • Forth on MC6800
  • Basic and Fortran on Prime PRIMOS minicomputers (The Prime minicomputer OS, called PRIMOS, was written almost entirely in Fortran, as well as their major applications, including the Basic interpreter. I implemented a major upgrade to the PRIMOS Basic interpreter that allowed very large Basic programs to chain to each other).
  • MC68000 Assembly and C on MC68K single-board computers (SBC) (I developed a complete, stand-alone embedded computing environment with a Unix-style memory manager.)
  • PLUS on Univac 1100 Series mainframes (PLUS is Programming Language for Systems, a Univac proprietary high-level language.)
  • C, PL/1, and DCL on DEC VAX VMS minicomputers. (I developed a print symbiont for a Xerox printer attached to a DEC VAX VMS system.)
  • C, Unix Shell (bash), Emacs Lisp, Awk, Make, n/t/roff, SQL, Perl on IBM AIX, HP HP-UX, DEC Ultrix, and SGI Irix workstations (10 years of managing network and computer systems and staff at a UC campus.)
  • Python, Ruby, Elixir, Awk, HTML, Java, Javascript, Make, Objective-C, SQL, Unix Shell on Apple Mac OS X servers and laptops. (Financial data management and presentation using proprietary algorithms.)

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Perl Expert
Python Expert
Ruby Expert
UNIX Shell Expert
Emacs Lisp Active
Make Active
AWK Active
Elixir Active
JavaScript Active
SQL Active
Java Intermediate
Objective-C Intermediate
Elm Beginner
J Beginner
R Beginner
APL Rusty (ex-expert)
Assembly Rusty (ex-expert
BASIC Rusty (ex-expert)
C Rusty (ex-expert)
COBOL Very Rusty
DCL Very Rusty
Fortran Rusty (ex-expert)
Forth Very Rusty
n/t/roff Very Rusty (ex-expert)
PL/I Very Rusty (ex-expert)
PLUS Very Rusty (ex-expert)
Snobol Very Rusty