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From Rosetta Code

I am a computer science student. One of my pastimes is playing with programming languages. I strongly believe that every programming paradigm has its place and I strive to discover what they are. Although, I think that some implementations were botched: Java, C++, Python, Perl, and PHP are a few. Even though they are widely used, I think that, when analyzed objectively as languages (ignoring practical considerations, such as libraries, and how widely they are used), they are poor realisations of theoretical linguistic concepts.

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
AWK novice
Bash intermediate/advanced
C novice/intermediate
Common Lisp novice
Emacs Lisp novice/intermediate
Forth total noob
Haskell beginner (can't figure out monads)
Ruby intermediate/advanced
Scheme novice
Smalltalk intermediate