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UBASIC is an implementation of BASIC. Other implementations of BASIC.
UBASIC is a freeware BASIC interpreter written by Yuji Kida at Rikkyo University in Japan, specialized for mathematical computing.

More information and links can be found at its Wikipedia article.

Sample Program[edit]

This simple program approximates specific derivatives:

   10  Point 6 'Sets decimal display to 28 places (0+.1^27)
   20  rf=#pi/180 'Degree -> Radian Conversion
   30 Dc=20
  100 Q=73*rf:?Chr(2):?"   F'(Q): Approximation","     Actual Value":N=1:GoSub 1000:?Using(,Dc),cos(Q):N=2:GoSub 1000:?Using(,Dc),1/Q:N=3:GoSub 1000:?Using(,Dc),#pi*Q^(#pi-1)
  999 End
 1000  '*** Print Sub ***
 1010 ?Using(,Dc),.Fp(Q);"  ";:Return
59999  End
60000  '*** Function Assignment ***
60100 .F(N,Q):If N=1 Then Return(sin(Q)) 'Fp=cos(Q)
60102         If N=2 Then Return(log(Q)) 'Fp=1/Q
60104         If N=3 Then Return(Q^#pi) 'Fp=pi*Q^(pi-1)
60105 ?"Invalid Function Code:  N must be '1' or '2' or '3'"
60109  End
60210 .Fp(Q):dQ=#eps^0.3:Return((.F(N,Q+0.5*dQ)-.F(N,Q-0.5*dQ))/dQ)

Running as written gives:

 0.29237170472273672804   0.29237170472273672810
 0.78487369196003179303   0.78487369196003179283
 5.27771467407719816786   5.27771467407719816637

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